SHOTT is no stranger to New Zealanders, it’s a pantry staple. Especially for locals here in Wellington.

We’ve all been enjoying hot lemon & ginger toddy’s over the chilly winters and refreshing fruit spritzers over hot New Zealand summers but did you realise there are so many more ways to enjoy SHOTT?? The goodness and flavour in SHOTT comes from real ingredients v’s artificial flavour which makes SHOTT your new best friend in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Over the years some very talented and creative people here in New Zealand and abroad have shared with us their recipes using their favourite SHOTT products. Here you will find their recipes along with many we at SHOTT have been making at home. So take your time and browse through the pages and find something delicious for yourself.

For those that simply can’t wait, grab your bottle from the pantry and…


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Ever wondered what makes SHOTT fruit concentrates so different? The answer is simple.. each bottle is brimming with the authentic flavour from the real fruit we use.

We source fruit when its at it’s ripest and bottle so you can enjoy them all year round.


These exquisite coffee syrups really do pack some kick and a zing. It doesn’t take much – just one little sip – then breathe in those fragrances and you will shudder with joy all the way to your shoes.


Take a walk through an Indian market, and immerse yourself in the beautiful tastes and aromas of authentic chai. Made with extracts of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom the stresses of the day will melt away.

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